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CBD Dual Gummies by urbul

CBD Dual Gummies (Day + Night)

A bottle of 30x delicious gummy squares in assorted fruit flavors. Each gummy contains 30mg of hemp-derived CBD and is infused with 1.5mg of melatonin.

USDA Organic
Nothing Artificial

Dual Pack CBD Gummies (Day + Night)

Get the best of both worlds. Our CBD Day and Night Gummies comes with a total of 60 gummies, enough to last you for about a whole month.

There has never been an easier and more delicious way to supplement the highest quality hemp-derived CBD into your daily routine. At 30 mg per gummy, these CBD infused gummies pack the perfect dosage of THC-free cannabidiol.

Our Vegan Hemp CBD Gummies are all natural and THC free. Each gummy contains 30mg of CBD. Our gummies are the strongest on the market and include the optimal amount of cannabinoids and phytonutrients to help rebalance your body. Our Night gummies are infused with Melatonin. All of our CBD is derived from organic hemp grown in Colorado. We provide 3rd party batch lab reports with every order along with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

*Packaging and label may vary from product images *CBD Night Gummies are lightly coated in sugar


  • 1x bottle of CBD Day Gummies which contain 30 gummies (each gummy contains 30 mg of CBD)
  • 1x bottle of CBD Night Gummies which contain 30 gummies (each gummy contains 30 mg of CBD + melatonin)

Lab Sheet


Reviewed by 22 customers
    • Customer for life

    I tried these from my local shop and Im have been reordering every month

    Submitted January 15, 2020

    By Matt W


    • Great flavors!

    I love the assorted flavors they are very palatable and tasty. I take 2 daily and it's been doing wonders for me

    Submitted January 23, 2020

    By Ugie


    • not bad

    I bought this to help me rem

    Submitted January 27, 2020

    By Ryan


    I love it!!!

    Submitted February 23, 2020

    By emily


    Love them and the packaging. Doesnt feel like they are trying to overmarket me like some other brands

    Submitted March 4, 2020

    By The man


    I like the bottle and keep one with me wherever I go.

    Submitted March 28, 2020

    By N.C.


    Does what theyre supposed to do and actually tastes good. I wish I could have 10 in one go!

    Submitted April 15, 2020

    By jodi


    I workout late in the evening so I usually have trouble sleeping. Started taking 1-2 of these at night if I need it, and it works wonders! Really relaxes my body and mind to help me sleep.

    Submitted April 18, 2020

    By Dom


    Love the gummies. Please make gummy worms! Ill buy!

    Submitted May 24, 2020

    By Jared J.


    I absolutely love this product. This makes it soo easy to take daily.

    Submitted June 9, 2020

    By melissa


    I love the product but my order was stuck at USPS for 2 weeks. Bad shipping time

    Submitted June 18, 2020

    By Brianne nguyen


    I've been using these gummies to control my anxiety and stress at work. Let me tell you....these are amazing. I feel super relaxed at work. They really work.

    Submitted July 11, 2020

    By Lesley


    These gummies are delicious and I also really like the report that came with it. But it's pretty pricy especially when you can get them on amazon for like half the price

    Submitted July 25, 2020

    By ed


    • My new daily regimen

    This is actually my 4th purchase of these gummies. I seriously love how potent these are. I cannot find another company that sells 30mg per serving. The lab report is a nice added touch and just the cherry top for me. I have worked these into my morning routine and let me tell you...these really work. Every morning after breakfast, I take a multi-vitamin gummy, fish oil capsule, calcium gummy, and now these CBD gummy bad boys. These really help jump start my morning. I do the same right before bed as well. Same exact routine. I really feel that my health has improved and I love it! If you're like me, who loves gummy anything. These will be perfect for you. I will be a repeat customer for life.

    Submitted August 17, 2020

    By Russ



    okay, I love all the gummy bears and this CBD mg is high enough where I feel the difference. This is definitely a quality product.. but i just wanted to say.. YELLOW GUMMY BEARS are the best. Urbul if you read this review, you should make a yellow gummy bear only! I'll be a buyer for life. Still I will always buy these though because they are all still good but yellow is my favorite (;

    Submitted August 26, 2020



    I love the gummies. I take twice daily. I work as a hairdresser so my job requires me to stand and use my hands a lot. As you can imagine, it can get pretty tiring and sore. These gummies help alleviate the pain I have at the end of the day. They are strong enough where I feel the benefits and I do not have to eat extra. I do not like to eat a full bag of gummies since I try to keep a strict diet.

    Submitted September 14, 2020

    By Ben Nemeth


    The only PM gummy I can find so I take it before I go to bed. Has helped my sleep tremendously.

    Submitted July 11, 2020

    By fred g


    • Pricey but worth every penny

    I take these right before bed and they knock me out cold. These are kinda pricey but worth it. I promise you if you are having trouble sleeping these will help you like it did for me.

    Submitted July 25, 2020

    By kylej92


    • LOVE IT!

    I have a history with insomnia and getting good sleep. I am tired of taking regular over the counter pills and medication is a little to strong for me. I looked into CBD recently and have loved these gummies. They taste great and are fast acting. I haven't had any real issues since using these.

    Submitted August 17, 2020

    By June


    • CBD and melatonin are the perfect match

    CBD and melatonin just works too well together. I love taking these before bed. I wake up feeling great and I like how simple it is. People should take this if they aren't a believer in CBD

    Submitted August 26, 2020

    By Victoria


    • Would buy again

    Ordered the night gummies to help correct my sleep. I changed my work schedule from a graveyard shift to mid day shift. These have helped me get to sleep faster. They work pretty fast. It was a good investment for my work life.

    Submitted September 14, 2020

    By Logan cline


    First time CBD user and I love it. I have been using these the past month an hour before bed and came back to reorder. My gym partner uses CBD so I looked into it. I tried his tincture and I am not a fan of the taste. Gummies are definitely the way to go!

    Submitted September 15, 2020

    By nicole