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Made from 100% organically hemp deprived CBD and pure therapeutic essential oils cbdMD Bath Bombs provides a relaxing relief. Each bath bomb is made from all-natural ingredients and with no artificial dyes or preservatives. Available in an assortment of delightful scents, cbdMD bath bombs are an easy to use bath bomb ready for you to soak away into a delightful aroma bliss. Each bath bomb contains 100mg of premium CBD.

CbdMD prides themselves in creating a superior CBD extraction through broad- spectrum extraction which produces a much richer CBD composition with other beneficial cannabinoids, vitamins, and amino acids. CbdMD sources its CBD from only the highest quality strains produced in the United States for premium CBD content. All CBD products by cbdMD are tested through independent, third-party laboratories to guarantee the highest standards for their CBD products. CbdMD is known to be fully transparent by providing their full test results from SClabs, the industry’s most trusted cannabis testing lab.


  • 1x Bath Bomb – Romance (Frankincense)
  • 1x Bath Bomb – Resist (Lavender)
  • 1x Bath Bomb – Relax (Lavender)
  • 1x Bath Bomb – Rise (Eucalyptus)
  • 1x Bath Bomb – Restore (Essential Oil Blend)
  • 1x Bath Bomb – Rejuvenate (Eucalyptus)